Our Fair attracts a diverse group of people. We do our best to provide a mixture of entertainment that will attract attendees of all ages and tastes.


The Bangor State Fair has a limited number of spaces to rent to non food vendors for those to sell their goods and products



Space is offered to returning vendors first. A 50% deposit and completed application are required to hold a reservation for any space. Any applications received after July 1st must be accompanied by full payment. Contracts are not binding until they are accepted in writing by the Bangor State Fair.


We reserve the right to refuse space to a vendor if we already have a vendor(s) selling the same product or deem the product inappropriate.


Food vendors and game operators should contact Fiesta Shows at 603.474.5424 regarding space on the carnival midway. There are no independent food or game spots.


Please call for an Vendor Application at 207.561.8300, Fax to 207.945.3850 or you may download and print an application by clicking on the link below and mail it to the Fair Office at; Bangor State Fair, 515 Main Street, Bangor, Maine 04401