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Frequently Asked Questions


Are camping spaces available at the fair?

Camping is not available for the general public. We have a limited number of camping sites on our grounds. These sites are available to agricultural participants first, because they have animals to tend to. Leftover spaces go to vendors and attractions, so there are no spaces left for the general public to rent. There are many camping areas within a short drive to the Fair, which can be found on The Maine Camping Guide at


How much does it cost to get into the fair?

Information on admission to the 2023 Bangor State Fair will be announced soon.
This price includes shows, live music, and all the exhibit

Rides are separate and can be paid for at ticket booths at the main gate or throughout the midway.

Children under 3 are free. 

Please note, there is no readmission to the Fair, so plan to enjoy the entire day on the grounds, there is always something new going on!


May I bring my dog to the fair?

For the safety of all fairgoers, no pets of any kind are allowed on the midway, with the exception of service animals. On a limited basis, pets of participants are allowed in the Agricultural Area. For their safety, please do not leave your animals in the car. Animals left in vehicles will be reported to the proper authority. 


What is the fair's smoking policy?

The Bangor State Fair became the State's first Smoke Free Midway in 2010. Smoking on the Fairgrounds is NOT PERMITTED on the fairgrounds. Anyone asked to stop smoking multiple times within the fairgrounds will be asked to leave.



There will be NO ATMs available on the fairgrounds. Please come prepared with cash if that is your preferred payment method!

What methods of payment are accepted?

For admission into the fair, cash and credit/debit will be accepted (VISA, MC, Discover, AMEX).
All vendors will accept cash, some may accept debit/credit (vendor's discretion). 




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